Friday, November 6, 2009

Effects of Time and Events, or the unpredictability of events part1

Effects of Time and Events, or the unpredictability of events part1
  by  Martyn Robinson

What if Mr. Smith got up this morning and just as he finished to tie his shoe laces rushed into the kitchen to consume a  piece of toast with a bit too much jam a little piece dropped off onto his blue tie …. How is this spot of jam on Mr. Smiths blue tie going to change the world? Lets follow Mr. Smith blue tie (in the case the Jam missed the tie and Mr. Smith continues his day as normal )and our Mr. smith who goes to change his tie and puts on a red tie. Now we have Smith blue and Smith red ( makes things easier).Smith blue leaves the hose at 7.00 AM Sharp but Smith red delayed by changing his tie leaves the house at 7.05. Just in time to meet the neighbor miss Jones who proceeds to ask Smith red if he knew when the woman across the road’s baby was due Both miss Jones and Smith red are delayed by another five minutes by this Quick chat. Now as miss Jones is only delayed by five minutes because of the jam as she doesn’t meet Smith blue we must now have two miss Jones Jones Blue and Jones red. We will leave Both Jones red and Blue for now and concentrate on Smith Blue and Red. Smith blue arrives at the first traffic lights at 7.20 and just makes it through before they turn to red behind him is Mr. Doe who has to wait one minute at the red light bur in Smith red’s world Mr. Doe replaces Blue Smith and makes it through the lights.  So after just 20 minutes we have Smith Doe and Jones on different timetables. Lets say Mr. doe (blue) has a bad morning and proceeds to miss the next 4 sets of lights. And arrives at his office car park five minutes later than in the Jam scenario but just as it happens he parks next to Kate that has also just parked. As it happens they used to go to school together and begin chatting agreeing even to meet for coffee at lunchtime they go on to get married and have three children. Unfortunately in Smith red’s world they don’t meet and these three children are not born and so on and so after one generation the drop of jam has changed the whole world , wars that might have been wont and those that wont have been will. In fact the slightest insignificant thing that happened some where in the world 500 years ago didn’t that would mean its highly probable you wouldn’t be reading this now, and the whole world would be completely different.
As communication technologies expand the effect is greatly increased as people in any part of the world can interact, for example since it has taken up some of your time to read this blog your future has most likely completely changed.. 

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Chinese Label

When the Chinese use on line translators they come up with some weird stuff this one I found on a luggage label in a bag I bought.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Photoshop tip for today No Brush

This is something that caught me out a few times in the past and that is if you have caps lock on, your brush shape becomes a cross.............

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Another enviroment video in progress.......

After more than 300 comments to the death of a planet video, I thought maybe it's time for something similar ..I'm rendering at 1920 x 1080 so its going to take a few weeks....Don't want to say too much until its finished but here's a screenshot .. 

Back to Bryce

Another 3d Landscape..

When it comes to landscapes nothing beats Bryce.........looking at importing obj's from max will let you know how i get on..

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Long time no show

I havn' t been here for a long time ........... and it is all out of date stuff on here now so I will start over....................... and the first theme we are going to be talking about is Banks because they think its alright to charge loads of money just for "looking after your dosh" and so I made this little grafic I thought someone might connect to it ...Love Martyn
I made it available on t-shirts and stuff at cafepress .

Thursday, April 12, 2007

More of the face......................and now for something completely different.